HOLD UP! charing! zup guys?

This is totally unnecessary but i feel like posting my face, for awhile. Wala naman din kasi masyadong online. Anyways, you can call me kei, for short. Bente na ako sa Desyembre at pinanganak akong Pinay, boyish and fat. My dad and I used to just lay down on our bed and listen to ABBA, The Carpenters, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and all those 60’s, 70’s and 80’s stuff. I was a filmmaking student and i did what most filmmaking students do (hahaha). And now im currently working for a TV station. Emotional ako most of the time at pakiramdam ko ang weird ko (bakit ganun?). Mahilig akong magliwaliw and that explains my URL by the way, KEI IS NOT AROUND, because Kei is always out. Char! May sampu akong daliri sa kamay at dalawang butas nang ilong kaya to sum it all up, tao po ako. Thankyou!

I: skate, bike, get drunk, smoke, eat, dig music, get lost and fly.

Friday, 8th June